A Place to Be.

The BAY Lincoln is, first and foremost, a gathering place. We knew from the beginning, young people need a place to feel at home; so we made a place for those who needed one. We made a home by restoring an old warehouse in downtown Lincoln, NE; and we named it The BAY Lincoln.

Something to Do.

The BAY Lincoln is a place full of things to do. We strongly believe that for people to be happy and healthy they need something to be apart of. We all need something to do, achieve and explore, especially young people; so we filled our building with opportunities to do just that.

Someone Looking Out.

Lastly, we’ve committed ourselves to protecting and supporting those in our community. We believe that young people have a fundamental need to have someone who cares watching out for them. So, we developed dignifying means of assisting the homeless, exploited and oppressed in our community.

Our Mission Statement

The work at The BAY is centered on creating opportunities for youth to connect them with positive activities, positive adults and the community. The BAY defines its work in terms of building core values, supportive structures and skill sets in youth. The goal of this strength based work is to nurture resilience, shape competencies, teach tangible career skills, encourage independence, form positive support systems and inspire hope for the future.


Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: Noon-7:00 pm, 7:00-10:00 pm (18+)
We/Th: Noon-10:00 pm
Friday: Noon-12:00 am
Saturday: Noon-12:00 am
Sunday: Noon-5:00 pm
$5 for day pass
Under 18 wear helmet
Every skater must have waiver
No food or drink in the skatepark
Video here…
Fill out waiver here.
Join us Saturday mornings at 9:30 for 2 hours of hands on skate lessons ($10)
Email or Call 402-310-5215
To learn more about shows or the venue click here.
To learn more about getting involved or playing a show click here.
Monday: 7AM – 10AM // 5PM – 9PM
Tuesday: 7AM – 10AM // 5PM – 9PM
Wednesday: 7AM – 10AM // 5PM – 9PM
Thursday: 7AM – 10AM // 5PM – 9PM
Friday: 7AM – 10AM // 5PM – 9PM
Saturday: 7AM – 10AM
The coffee shop in The Bay offers the best craft espresso and roast coffee in Lincoln. Sip on your drink at one of our private booths, tables, community tables or in our meeting room.
To reserve the meeting room, inquire about the menu, or book an event in our space, please email us or give us a call at 402-310-5567
In a health-threatening situation please call 911. To contact our resource center, please call 402-998-1192
Skate for Change empowers young people by providing skateboarders with the outlet to give back! Join us every Saturday at 11:30 AM to skate downtown and help the homeless.Learn more HERE.
The Resource Center at The Bay provides the community of Lincoln with a one-stop connecting point for receiving the help they need.HOURS
Tuesday 9AM – 11AM // 4PM – 7PM
Thursday 9AM – 11AM // 4PM – 7PM
Saturday 9AM – 12PM
The art space at The Bay is currently being built. To inquire about being a mentor in this exciting art venture please click here.


Contact / Donate

Lincoln Nebraska wants to see its young people thrive. Without you it would not be possible to continue to create positive shifts in youth culture. Partner with us as we continue building The Bay Lincoln.

We are so excited to be a part of a movement toward a better way of supporting and nurturing the next generation. Since we opened the doors in 2013 we have had a dream of creating a safe place for young people to thrive at whichever passion keeps them awake at night. Thank you for supporting us in this cause.

Quinn Small Executive Director

2005 Y Street
Lincoln, NE 68508


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