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Concert Venue // Do-It-Ourselves Fest 2017

September 14, 2017

4:00 pm

Do-It-Ourselves Fest (or D.I.O. Fest) is a free, all-ages music/learning festival happening at The BAY in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th.

A weekend of workshops, discussions, performances, fun, and play! See new bands and make new friends all while celebrating DIY culture. 100% FREE to attend! Donations are appreciated. EVERYBODY is welcome!

The system is broken and it’s on us to fix it. One way we can help is by sharing our skills, knowledge, and passions with other folks in our community. That’s what Do-It-Ourselves Fest is all about. Everybody’s got something to offer, be it a skill or song. Now’s your chance!

Kid-friendly activities and on-site childcare will be available for much of the festival.

Know Yr Rights
Sound Design of Synthesizers
Changing Your Own Oil
Meditation and You
Crisis Management
How to Say You’re Sorry
DIY Cooking On The Road
DIY Abstract Board Games
Bullet Journal 101
Classic Comic Artist Skills
Birth Support from Labor Into Parenthood
Herbal Cold and Flu Care
Conflict Resolution
Building a Wind Generator with Bike Parts
Electronic Music Production and Composition
Sex Trafficking by Set Me Free Project
DIY Birth Control / Know Yr Cycle
Building Websites
Spinning Yarn with Sticks and Stones
EBT Accessible Plant Medicine
Healing Yr Belly
Creating Pendants
Zine Making
Fermentation Demystified
Found Poetic Forms: Erasure & Ink-out
Design for Causes 101
Using Yr Bicycle To Cast Spells
Reclaim May 1st
Reporting issues in the neighborhood –
Performance Art
Rights/History of The Undocumented
Love Doesn’t Hurt
Guitar and Bass Tone
A Brief History of the Weeds of Lancaster County
Sexual Assault & Abuse Prevention
Practicing Mindfulness Meditation in Community

All Young Girls Are Machine Guns
Bell Mine
Bien Fang
Bitch Please (CA)
Chevrolet Pile (CA)
Daisy Distraction
Dazzle Ships
Eddy Mink
Elk Island
Faith Eliott (SCOTLAND)
Gamma Goat
Green Trees
Gxnther Valentine (ME)
Hex Weaver
House Vacations
Izzy Dominguez (ABQ)
Jack Hotel
Jens Lehman & The Time Cops
John Freidel
Kaorinite (MN)
Little Ripple
Low Long Signal
Mad At You
Mad Dog 20/20s
Midwife (CO)
Mutinerango Sun (CA)
Plastic Garbage
Powerful Science
Red Cities
Rogue Moon
Ryan LaBenz
Sgt Leisure
Shit God (MN)
Spencer Krull
Thalia Adriana
The Boner Killerz
The Silver Rabbit
Wendy & The Lost Boys
‘wet rats’

~Panel Discussions~
Starting a Hustle
Self Care
DIY Spaces
Inclusive Feminisms
Radical Families

2017 DIO art is by the endlessly talented Brittany Burton!

Please like our page: Do-It-Ourselves Fest
and follow us on Instagram: @doitourselvesfest
and help us spread the word by inviting your friends, family, and neighbors!